Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New for me...

Ive been busy (yes, always busy, me!) with a new thing for me... very very new. I have always loved acting to be honest....When I was in school, I was highly involved in theaters. But never got the opportunity to do some serious theater acting, until now....:)

I not only get to act, but I get to dance too! Something like the Mamma Mia! HEHEHEHE

Catch me soon, in theaters for Impak Maksima the THEATER version!

11th- 22nd Nov at Istana Budaya, starts at 8.30 PM. Price RM150

Thursday, October 9, 2008

some fotos during raya

Here's a few fotos of us during raya....

The noon of 2nd raya, we went over to my brother in law's parents house. My sister's mom inlaw cooked the best lunch ever! It was yummy...(I ate 2 plates of rice!!)
*you can just about see my brother in law's pregnant tummy...I SISTER's tummy...*

*EDRIN, don't say I didn't put your foto on my blog!"

Taken in my aunty's house in Meru. My sister was trying hard to cover her pregnant belly... *but deep down I know she can't wait to show off her protruding belly*

Here's my aunt and my 2 crazy cousins...this was taken in my sister's house. I basically wallop all her raya cookies...despite the fact that I already ate Laksa and nasi lemak at my aunt's place.