Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stretch marks magic..

Hi semua...
I would like to thank Tanamera Post natal for this wonderful product! Dulu masa dynas mengandung kan Khyra, dynas try banyak products.. From mothercare to bio oil etc, tapi the kesan is not as good as this one! :) I tried their Virgin Coconut pressed oil, and alhamdulillah, so far no stretch marks... If only I used this before. Memang I ade products nie masa pregnant with khyra, tapi, at that time, because I dah try banyak other products, I felt like penat nak try product lain. Macam tak larat dah at that time to concentrate on reducing the stretch marks, apatah lagi nak "stop" the stretch marks kan... So anyway, again, tanamera products have made me smile..hehehehe Mother's to be, or even mothers yang baru melahirkan (or even dah ade anak 2 tahun), you can try this product. I've asked my sister to buy this product (from my shop) as well as she says she wants to reduce the stretch marks on her thighs. If you guys are interested, you can buy them online here OR drop by my shop and I can explain in more details.. Have a good day everyone! Love, Dynas.. xox

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Yusri & Lisa Surihani's wedding

Hi Hi... Semalam selepas expo, Dynas rushed to Lisa dan Yusri's wedding. It was such a simple and very sweet wedding. Very nice...I really like what they did... I tak dapat take beautiful bride Lisa's photo, ade satu, tapi tak dapat capture her moment... So I just share the photos we took lah...
Love, Dynas xoxo

Wanita Magazine

Hi Semua... update lambat..sorry! Anyway, Me and Khyra in Wanita Magazine untuk article breastfeeding and maternity collection...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

this is NOT me

Hi semua... Dynas baru dapat tahu yg ade orang menyamar jadi dynas. The Facebook account with the name "DynasMokhtar" is NOT me yea...So please, sape yang add I situ, pls delete coz it is NOT ME... I will have to warn my family too because our family fotos are in there!
Sape la pulak nak steal my identity ni? Its salah tau.. Can go to jail people. Dont pretend to be someone else... Even if you KNOW the person very well... Ok, have a good weekend and Delete Dynas Mokhtar dalam FB ye..I cuma ade DynasMokhtar11 and DynasMokhtarFull. Dynas xox

Baby Expo

Hi semua, Dynas tengah busy with my Expo this weekend. Starts Today. Come come... Kita boleh Jumpe... I am also looking for DnA reseller. Sape berminat, you can come to Dna at the curve, I can explain further. Or if not, feel free to leave your comments or email us at the DnA email address ok? My baby is very active. Kicking hard. Best rasa...:) Penat pun ade... Some people say my perut besar for 5 months..

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Hello semua... I must must share this with you all.. Especially to the expectant mothers... Sebab I really really LOVE their products and because I love it so much, I also thought I should sell them at DnA. Ive been using their products in the middle of my first pregnancy. And I must say, Tanamera Post Natal really sesuai for me. A few months ago, I was getting migrane sebab tak cukup air or tidur (especially masa tengah design Raya breastfeeding wear last year). I tak suka makan ubat/panadol banyak banyak, so I tried a few calming tea and minyak from the Pharmacy. But that didnt work. Then I tried this Lavendar Floral Water... I totally LOVED IT...
It works very well for me, I even bring it along with me in my bag. So kalau dalam jam masa panas terik, Dynas spray a little bit on me and around me and inhale the mist... And then, wah-lah, my brains are active again! :) My sister is not pregnant but she is thinking of getting a set to use too. If any of you are interested in the products, you can drop by my shop (but we have limited supply) OR, easier, you can just click on the link Buy Tanamera products... Senang Je... Love, Dynas

How was your weekend?

I had a wonderful family time on Saturday and a great working day yesterday. So one update at a time... Saturday: Baju raya dah siap! Sape interested nak beli, please leave me a message on my FB account ya... The jubahs are VERY nice... I promise... hehehehe Here's a few fotos my sister and I took for fun...
The plain one is knitted material, RM250 The one with the patterns are jersey stretchable material, RM280 We have plenty of colors. Sunday: Since I had to work, I dropped Khyra off at my parents so that she can spend more time with her grandparents. My parents took her to meet up with my sister and her baby and my sister gave me this photo of them doing their plaster fun painting. Khyra really likes this painting stuff.. :) And Im glad she and lil M likes the same activities too!
Have a fun WEEK semua! Love, Dynas

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weekend is here!!

Sometimes people assume that I have all the time in the world because I dont have a 9-5 job. Its totally understandable, because my "office" is in the shopping mall. hehehehe
And most of the time, my shootings and interviews are in my "office" or at home.
But, most people also do not know that not having a 9-5 job means you have a 12 hours (not 24 because I also need to sleep and eat) x 7 (days a week) I will have to be working. I am not complaining, of course lah, but what I am trying to say is, I DO look forward to my weekends. Even though this Sunday I will be working, but tomorrow, I get to meet up with my parents and siblings and my anak sedara and probably my cousins, if they drop by my parents house.

So yes, I get excited about the weekends too, because most of my family have 9-5 jobs, and we can all meet up together at weekends.


Happy weekend semua!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Doctors appointment

Salam semua,

Today Dynas ade doctors appointment to check my baby's growth etc. Setiap kali ade check up, Dynas takut and hati berdebar debar. Sebab takut history dulu dengan aruah Emma. Please doa-kan that everything is ok. Amin...

Next update for today is that I will be having a meeting for a new business deal later today. Very excited, but details nanti Dynas akan share insyallah.
Doa-kan semua berjalan lancar for today ye?

Love you all!!

-till the next update-
Dynas xxx

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In the news today

In the Star paper today...

Here I'm wearing one of my breastfeeding collections. As you can see, Dynas tengah susu kan Khyra here. It's so easy to do it in public in this baju..The collection I designed memang untuk you senang breastfeed and you boleh buat kat mana mana saje. It wont stop you from breastfeeding at functions or parties etc. Yes, baby comes first, do it in style is also important, RIGHT? hehehe

For more details, come and check out Dynas Nursing Attire at the Curve, (center), we are just in front of Debenhams. Price of the stylish top starts from RM69..

NTV7 interview

Hello semua....

Dynas baru habis interview with NTV7 pasal pregnancy.

They asked me what was my feelings about normal birth. And whether I prefer Normal or choose Ceaser. I told them, I prefer normal birth la kalau boleh.
Even when during my first pregnancy with aruah Emma, the Doctor told me that I should just go through Cesarean, it would be quicker and easier for me. But I tolak, and told her, its ok, I am ready. I will go through normal delivery.

Memang many people have asked me why. To be honest, apart from the positive influence from my mother (who delivered all 3 of us via normal birth) and my sister (also normal birth), I banyak baca buku and internet on the difference between ceaser and normal. And for me, I find that the information I dapat it shows that normal birth has a lot of benefits after the delivery. Alhamdulillah, with the right pantang and thanks to Tanamera products (before and after birth), cepat for me to be back on my feet and senang nak jaga pantang.

One of the Tanamera products I am using is the Coconut Oil. When I was pregnant with Khyra, I used this to help ease the delivery process by helping with the dilation. Kalau orang Melayu, the statement we use is "supaya senang bukak"

I know I will not be able to comment about Ceasarian (sebab I tak penah go through it), tapi for both deliveries, masa dalam pantang, I rasa comparing to if I have to go through ceasarian, lambat for me to sembuh, because cannot urut, makan pantang dia lain and I guess Im just still very traditional in that sense). I was also told that normally, you would only opt for a C-section if:
-You've had a previous more than one previous c-section as this significantly increase the risk that your uterus will rupture during a vaginal delivery.
-You've had some other kind of invasive uterine surgery, such as a myomectomy (the surgical removal of fibroids).
-Your baby is expected to be very large
-Your baby is in a breech (bottom first) or transverse (sideways) position.
-You have placenta previa (when the placenta is so low in the uterus that it covers the cervix).
-You have an obstruction, such as a large fibroid, that would make a vaginal delivery difficult or impossible.

So I doa kepada Allah s.w.t that I can again go through normal delivery. Of course semua dah ditulis, so kalau I have to go through Ceaser, then kena lah kan.

Stuff from Netherlands

My sister went to Netherlands recently and she bought a few bags she thought she needed. When she came back, being fickled that she is, she decided she doesnt need the bags after all. So she asked me to help her sell it off (as none of us needed the bags as well).

I sent out a twitted the information and glad to say that I got her 2 buyers for all the 3 bags! Sekejap ke! Macam jual kuih pulak...hahahaha

So, I would like to thank you for your reply... And I hope you both are enjoying your bags...:)

Hanna untung beli Longchamp and Furla sekali! ;)

The bags were:
Large Longchamp (dark green) or known as khaki (short handle)
Medium Longchamp (black) short handle
Furla dinner bag/large wristlet

As for the price, lets just put it this way... CHEAP! harga Netherlands lah kan....


dynas xxx

Sunday, February 12, 2012

When I grow up...

Recently during one of my lunch sessions with my sister, we were talking about me when I was younger. She being 5.5 yrs older than me, remembers EVERYTHING about me when I was little..
She was telling me I wanted to be a dentist, a make up artist, a hair stylist, a business women (which she then reminded me that I was quite berjaya selling things in primary school- will write more about this).. and then, one that shocked me most was, i wanted to be a baby designer.
Yes, apparently, I told her that when a baby is delivered in the hospitals, I will be there to sambut the baby and then make the baby nice and clean and put nice clothes on..Pink for girls, blue for boys, ribbons for babies with hair and hairbands for those without.
I guess it was another way for me to say I wanted to be a mid wife kot? But the special ones that dresses up the baby afterwards. hahahaha

Anyway, I guess right now with what I am doing, it has some kind of connection to what I wanted to grow up being. Clothing (for baby and mommies) is the essence and business is the ingredient.

Speaking about business, what my sister mentioned (since I cant remember much since I banyak berangan last time) was that in primary school, I used to buy pens, notebooks and eraser from the kedai korperasi, add designs, glitters, sticker etc and then sell it at a profit. And apparently, I had a lot of buyers (some were my sisters friends who bought them for gifts). I also used to make batu seremban from pasir and kain (my sister helped to jahit) and from biji saga and plastic & cellophane tape. I also charged those for "fixing" or repairing the batu seremban yang dah rosak.
0h my god, how can I not remember that?! hahahaha

I hope these two will stay as close as my sister and I are.. :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Amboi Amboi dua dua nie...

Dah pandai pinjam car nak bejalan....

Kids sekarang ni la kata kan

But Mandi first la ye

Thursday, February 9, 2012

2012- updates

Dynas nak mintak maaf sebab dah lama sangat tak update blog ni......I AM TERRIBLY SORRY for not writing for a while now. There is no other excuse but I have been busy concentrating on DNA. Yes, being pregnant (if you need to hear it from my own mouth, yes, I am now 5 months pregnant) is a plus point for me since I get to design and feel my own nursing and maternity wear.
I was very excited when I found out. And so were my business partners.. :)

TANAMERA was very supportive and excited for me, they sent me my Post Natal set.. Tak sabar nak pakai barang barang ni especially the scrub soap.


Insyaallah, Dynas akan update blog ni hari hari with my pregnancy updates... :)

Love u all!