Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Found Friend...

I love babies...I cant wait to have one my own. My brother in law's friend from U.S is here and I got to meet them and their lovely Baby. He's gorgeous. He's so adorable. He's very responsive. He knows how to say "Hi" at 7 months! He can already walk at 7 months, he hugs you when he thinks you're sad (or when HE's happy). He gave my sister a "full on saliva kiss" on the cheeks, and his mom says that it's an honor for anyone to receive such kiss from him as he has only done that to his mommy and daddy.... (yes, my sister felt so honoured)

Friday, July 18, 2008

About a Boy...

Remember I said I will post about my brother one day? Since I didn't have that many foto's of him, I had to look into his gf's FB to get a few fotos of us.

*here's bro and I acting crazy in a pool filled with balloons. I can't remember whose idea it was....*

We had a surprise bday party for him a few months back. We planned for his gf to take him out and bring him home after 8pm. All his friend and my relatives were to gather at my parents place for before 8. We all made it on time. We got his favorite cake (my choice), and drinks (mum's choice) and his gf did all the invites to his friends.
Bless her...

My sister and hubby only just made it before my brother got home, I knew she was going to be late, since it was a working day, traffic's bad lah di dah.

Anyways, my brother got a shock of his life (or at least he pretended to be shocked). Quite a good actor, he was, (if he pretended). He should try and cast for the drama's. hehehe

*here's us 3 siblings with our other half's*

He had fun, we had karaoke, bbq, loads of food. His friends were there. Our family was all there.. All in all, he had a blast, and I think we all did!

Happy bday (again) Bro!!! We love you!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Life after marriage

I've only been married for about 4 months now. So I cant really tell what have changed since. But, just for the sake of my fans and friends, this post is to share with you guys about my recent changes.

Meet Fizzi. He's my soul mate, my best friend, my husband, my idol. Yes, he can be annoying at times, but which men isn't? (only kidding honey)... :)

How we met? Hmm, I was actually hosting and was interviewing him and he ended up interviewing ME! :) hahahaha I was quite shocked when he actually asked me out. It was instant love at first sight. He made me laugh all through the interview and the date!

He is such a wonderful person. When I met his friends, i knew we will get on right away. I think I fitted in quite well. When he met my family, I knew he was the one.(!). Ironically, when I introduced him to my sister, he knew some of my sister's friends, and they said real good things about him. I was glad I "found" him.

I will cherish the moments of the interview I had with him forever...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Safi Anggun Jelita

I recently hosted for Safi Anggun Jelita for a road tour which was held in Bangi.

I must add we had alot of really groovy participants. Everyone was keen to answer the questions asked to them. They were given hampers of Safi Products for correct answers.

Thie little girl won a hamper for knowing anything and everything about me. She's my true fan! She knew the drama's, movies and everything else you can think off, about me... She really got me AND the audience going! Such a sweet little thing...

The event ended after a few hours. Everyone was happy to be there. I was estatic, I had good crowd, sweet people, good food, everyone working for the event was very helpful. And they made the event flow like soft tides...No, it wasn't a tsunami effect for me... *Phew*

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Raya 2007

My raya last year was quite a blast actually. I introduced Fizzi to my grandma and other relatives. Also, we had a lemang cooking session at my parents. Its not the first time Ive tried cooking lemang. But it certainly is the first time that I see Fizi doing the "bakar lemang" session with my dad, brother and brother in law!
It was drizzling abit, so we were worried that the lemangs wouldn't be cooked. But luckily, the lemang and rendangs turned out fine.

Here's my sister and I at the "lemang station". The boys were taking care of the Lemang. Girls (I meant Mum) were putting the beras into the buluh, and also to stir the rendang.

I would put up some of the fotos of them bakar lemang, unfortunately, I need to find those first...heh

This was the next morning...

And we then headed out to tapah for a day...

Im not sure if these two were stressed out or what, but they looked like they did enjoy their Dunhill's there!

Sorry I have mostly fotos of my sister. Not that i dont love or hang out with my brother and parents. We do...Just that we don't take that many fotos together. My sister and I are considered somewhat camera whores...What can I say?!

Drama Series Ezora_with everyone involved

We had what footballers would call a "kick off" recently for the Drama Series "Ezora". As you can see, most of us was wearing purple. There's a reason to that, but Id have to reconfirm if I can share with everyone on the "why?".
Till the next post... ;)