Thursday, March 29, 2012

Perut oh perut

Hi semua, My tummy is gatal sangat sangat.. Thanks to Tanamera's Virgin oil, it helps reduce my scratch marks (which could lead to stretch marks, I suppose) I have an interview with Jacob biscuit today. I am hoping to get sponsorship from them for Rumah Kasih Harmoni. We will be heading there 7th next month. Sesiapa berminat to join, email to ye?! Apart from perut gatal and Jacobs interview, I have a few fotos to share. We celebrated my niece's bday party on Sunday.
Thank you Du Juan for your lovely photographs! You are officially our PERSONAL PHOTOGRAPHER. Nanti I share gambar yg Du Juan ambik masa Khyra was a few days old ya? :) Love, Dynas

Friday, March 23, 2012

Shooting Stories

Hi Semua, Nak share... This is with Ibu Fauziah Nawi, pelakon yang disegani. Dynas nervous sangat shooting with her, but alhmadullillah it went well. We were in Putrajaya, Masjid Putrajaya lawa sangat...
Thanks for the payung guys! hehehehehe Till next update ye semua! Muah Dynas xx

Shooting "Aduh Mak Kahwinkan Aku"

Hi Semua... Semalam dynas buat shooting dekat Villa Manja Spa, KL... Harum bau nye! :) Best...Here's some photos... Dengan Kencana Dewi, we covered topic "Cemburu di kalangan suami isteri" Denagn Awal Ashaari we covered "Persediaan Perkahwinan"

Monday, March 19, 2012

Brother's Engagement

Tahniah to adik ku Wan Mohd Edrin Bin Wan Mokhtar for the recent Merisik/Majlis Petunangan. We went to Johor Last Friday (16th March) and the majlis was on Saturday 17th March. I love JOHOR! We stayed at Selesa Hotel (the whole family -complete with my cousins, aunts and uncles) so it was VERY interesting... Here are some of the photos..
On the way to JB, we stopped by at JPO. Our meeting point with my sister, my cousin and my brother inlaw's cousins. I must say that the Cotton On there buat BANYAK sale from me that day. hahahaha
On Sat night, we went to uptown of Johor (they call it pasar karat) and I got this from there. The silver ring (engraved with my name) was a free gift from the shop. thank you! u know who u are! :) and because it was done so cantik, I even asked them to engrave my gold ring with my name... So baik la they all...

Air Serai (Tips for MomS to Be)

Hi Semua, Dynas was feeling not so well after the Johor Trip (I will update that after this) so I was told to drink some Air Serai to sejuk kan badan.. I headed to Bora Bora Cafe at taman tun, and got my self a glass of Air Serai. It worked INSTANTLY... i boleh rasa badan I terus "lega". It looks like air sejuk biasa.. It felt good drinking the Air Serai. So, I thought I best share it with the ibu ibu mengandung as I think it is a very useful tip... :) Worked for me... ;) Alhamdulillah...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Hi semua... Dynas sekarang tengah busy shoot untuk my TV program Adoh Mak Kahwinkan Aku (RTM1)...
Also, I am helping Awal and Scha for their wedding preparations which insyallah I will keep putting the updates in my blog.. :) We will be shooting a reality show for the pre wedding ceremony (4 episodes) for Astro. It will be broadcast LIVE! on Astro Ria and Bernama TV... i am excited for that, not only because it is a LIVE broadcast, because I will be a part of my good friends (both Scha and Awal) wedding! :) Love, Dynas xx

Sunday, March 11, 2012

What a weekend!

Hi Semua... The motherhood Expo at MidValley was a blast! I really enjoyed meeting some of you that came to drop by our booth. THANK YOU ALL for your support *U know who u are!!! *wink wink Sekarang, dynas sebok nak TRY rehat dulu....hihihi Love, Dynas...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Womens international Day event

I was involved in the Womens International Day function yesterday at the Pavillion... Alhamdullillah it went well. Love your self, love your mom, love your grandma, love your sisters, love your daughters...
Love, Dynas

Bday...the after pictures..

Hi semua... This one really sweet la... She came to my shop. Handed me this HUGE present. Bought a top and then left.. I tak sempat pon nak cakap cakap banyak dengan dia sebab dia laju sangat! heheheh Thank you dear.. *You know who u are!* MUAH xox
I did an event for my friend KiKi (im sure most of u kenal her, the super hot mama Nurul Alis KiKi) and her husband brings in really nice watches (Ingressol). So this is like my prezzie from them... hehehehe
Thank you Awal and Scha for Gucci-fying me! Sayang u both!
Thanks dear sister for the surprise! I love u! xx
And yes, I didnt forget...thank u my beloved husband and Khyra..hehehehe Hugs and love, Dynas xx

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Bday and Happy womens day

Alhamdulillah, hari ini, dynas genap 29... :) Happy bday to me....!! ehehehehe Anyway, today, I have bday breakfast (family first, remember) hehe, bday lunch and interview for Ma&Pa magazine (with tanamera). Yes, i am still inlove with tanamera products. Im actively using the scrub soap. The refreshing smell on my body stays (even in the bathroom) until the next shower! best! Thank you to Intan and dynasfanclub who organised my surprise bday celebration. Thank you so much guys..Love u all!Thank you for making the day a beautiful one for me... (even though it was ytd) hehehehe thanks for coming ya! Thank you awal,Scha,Julia for always being there for me. You guys are the best! Wish my Celepets could join as well...! Love you all, Dynas xoxo

Tanamera...the people..

Meet the Tanamera people :) The one on my right, and the one on my sister's left... (yang dua dua hujung sekali tu) Thank you Tanamera, for your LOVELY products.. i cant have enough of them! They are super best!! :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Designing tops

Hi semua, Sorry lambat tak update. Busy melayan Khyra and my kedai. :) Anyway, just wanted to ask you all your opinion. I have a few designs for breastfeeding tops for working mums or stylo mums. :) The colors I have in mind is orange and pink... (very Victoria Bekham right?) I think the color combination would make people, especially my sister to wear my breastfeeding top even if she is not breastfeeding. hahahaha
And what if I add a dash of blue? Nice tak u guys think? Since these are my drawings, please bear in my the copyrights reserved to me ONLY yea...Thank you. Love you all! Dynas xx