Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Designing tops

Hi semua, Sorry lambat tak update. Busy melayan Khyra and my kedai. :) Anyway, just wanted to ask you all your opinion. I have a few designs for breastfeeding tops for working mums or stylo mums. :) The colors I have in mind is orange and pink... (very Victoria Bekham right?) I think the color combination would make people, especially my sister to wear my breastfeeding top even if she is not breastfeeding. hahahaha
And what if I add a dash of blue? Nice tak u guys think? Since these are my drawings, please bear in my the copyrights reserved to me ONLY yea...Thank you. Love you all! Dynas xx


Little Miss Butterscotch said...

Hello pretty people. Let's show some love... Visit http://littlemiss-butterscotch.blogspot.com/. Thanks mommies for your support!

Mommy_ima said...

hahaha..very victoria bekham!yup..the combination of colour really attractive. :)
i like the left one!

DebtSurvivor said...

Thank you Greeny House! I will share more soon..;)