Monday, February 9, 2009

Baby scanned fotos

Yes, should have done this ages ago. Like my sister did in her blog...But as you all know, Ive been so busy multi tasking alot of things, so the scanned fotos of my baby has been kept safely in my wallet. Until my husband decided we should definitely scan it and keep in in soft copy...

So here's the previous weeks of my baby's developments...

My baby at 8 weeks

I couldn't really get this picture, it was amazing to see the little green pea like inside my stomach. But because it was just like a green pea, I still could not imagine the baby inside my womb...

My baby at 12 weeks

And then, at our next check up, I got a little bit more exited. Coz we heard the fast heartbeat. And when the doctor showed the spine, I was so amazed to imagine that that's actually in my womb...

My baby at 17 weeks

Obviously at 17 weeks, the active baby has changed position. We could trace the shape of the spine, also heard the fast heartbeat. I cannot wait to see the gender....

Will update more soon.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

More on DnACelebrity..

Im supposed to have put some fotos up for our Shop a long time ago. Sorry, I haven't had a chance, sorry I have been busy, but THANK YOU to those who actually took the time to drop by. Awal and I are very happy to have you regular customers dropping by at any time! :)

Also "thank you" to our lovely Facebook buyers. You guys have been so accommodating with our answers especially to our "Sold out" comments....hehehehe

Here's a sneak preview of our shop... For those who have not been, do come. We have so much in store for you!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The other blog

Check it out for our latest collections...

DnACelebrity Style

Wedgie-Wedges is dedicated to the flip flops (or better known as wedges) which we have in our store.


For all other updates, you can check out our Facebook Link...

Happy shopping guys! See u at DnACelebrityStyle in Hartamas!