Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The pregnancy...

Since Im bombarded with questions about my pregnancy, let me just share with you a little insight about my pregnancy. BUT, I'm going to use my sister's blog...hehehe *here's the link about both our pregnancy* Pregnant Sisters

I wish I could put up my scan fotos online, but Im not as rajin as my sister to update about the pregnancy. The difference is, she works in an office in front of the PC, and when she gets home, she's also in front of the PC either working, blogging or Facebooking. Therefore, she has more time to update the baby blog. :) As for me, I'm on the move a lot. So my blogging time is quite limited. And most of the time, I will be writing about DnA Celebrity.(to boost up sales, obviously)

So anyway, yes, I'm still in my first trimester. I wasnt going to announce it so quickly, but I think it was announced tak sengaja on the radio. But insyallah, everything is okay lah...
I'm trying my best to take it easy (though its hard when I'm born to be active). I can drive and muntah at the same time, but then I'm okay to eat again. :) So, alhamdullillah, my morning sickness is bearable.... Like my sister, I'm putting on weight not dramatically, but constantly...(I hope)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Not much updates

Nothing much from me, except for those who will be travelling to Kampung for Raya Haji, be safe, don't speed, if you're sleepy, stop and rest. Remember your loved ones. For those who will be celebrating, Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha, for those who are not, HAVE A GOOD LONG WEEKEND! :)

take care everyone!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Ive been queit, some would say... "Oh how wrong they all are!"- my sister would say....hahaha

Well, as you all know, I was very busy with Impak Maksima the Musical that ended last Sat. And Ive been resting at home and at my parents for the weekend. All I can say is, its been a hectic and woderful few weeks, and if they asked me to do it all over again, I would. ;)

Right now, I will be concentrating hard on our newly opened shop in Hartamas. I love clothes, I love wearing them, I love sharing them and I love selling them. I know Awal and I share the same taste, so that makes it alot easier...
Anyway, thank you for those who came to support me, thank you sooooo much to hubby, who came with his friends, my brother, who came a couple of times, my parents who took time to watch it as well. I wish my sister could come, but unfortunately, due to circumstances, her hubby and her could not make it. But plenty more to come, and Im sure they will give their full support... :)

thanks guys!!!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More on work...

Ive recently been given the opportunity to become the Ambassador of Sasa Fragrance awards 2008..Here's a few foto's...

* me with my favourite perfume, one I got for my Wedding Hantaran*

With WAN during the launch

Here's Azizah Ariffin, one of the judges for the perfume awards 2008

Being interviewed by Xandria

Photo session with gorgeous Amber Chia..she's lovely!

Uploading more dresses :)

Hi guys....

We now have more additional new items available in DnA Celebritystyle shop...(check us out in Hartamas)

DnA00049 RM115

DnA00018 RM125

DnA00016 RM129

Sunday, November 9, 2008

DnA shop in Hartamas...

Hi everyone...

I have more things in the shop now. Awal also got some really cool stuffs for men...You can get in touch with us on Facebook: DnA Celebritystyle

Dna Celebritystyle a.k.a dna boutique is located at: 8-2 Jalan 25/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas 50480 Kuala Lumpur. Currently open by Appointment only.
DnA on facebook

There's loads of fotos for men stuffs and Handbags for ladies...(!)

Cheap and Chic! ;)

Here's a few of funky tshirts in our collection...

DnA Code00019 RM29 each

DnA Code 00020 RM55- 10 Different colors...

DnA Code 00021 RM39 Each

stay tuned for more updates on DnA's collections *wink*

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mags this month

I was in Spore for Bazaar Mag photoshoot. I had the best time with the Gucci, Fendi, Botegga V, lovely expensive jewellery etc... Check out the Bazaar Mag!

On another note: Remember this dress? (I'm selling)


I wore this dress for a function, and it appeared in Faces in Malaysia Tatler Magazine.. ;)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New for me...

Ive been busy (yes, always busy, me!) with a new thing for me... very very new. I have always loved acting to be honest....When I was in school, I was highly involved in theaters. But never got the opportunity to do some serious theater acting, until now....:)

I not only get to act, but I get to dance too! Something like the Mamma Mia! HEHEHEHE

Catch me soon, in theaters for Impak Maksima the THEATER version!

11th- 22nd Nov at Istana Budaya, starts at 8.30 PM. Price RM150

Thursday, October 9, 2008

some fotos during raya

Here's a few fotos of us during raya....

The noon of 2nd raya, we went over to my brother in law's parents house. My sister's mom inlaw cooked the best lunch ever! It was yummy...(I ate 2 plates of rice!!)
*you can just about see my brother in law's pregnant tummy...I mean...my SISTER's tummy...*

*EDRIN, don't say I didn't put your foto on my blog!"

Taken in my aunty's house in Meru. My sister was trying hard to cover her pregnant belly... *but deep down I know she can't wait to show off her protruding belly*

Here's my aunt and my 2 crazy cousins...this was taken in my sister's house. I basically wallop all her raya cookies...despite the fact that I already ate Laksa and nasi lemak at my aunt's place.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin

Hello everyone,

Sorry, I have been terribly busy with the Bazaar. We have some new collections, just purchased last week. Do come and visit us at the Bazaar in Cineleisure this weekend, as it is the last weekend before raya. Sape yang belum beli baju kurung for raya, datanglah! Kita ade banyak yang boleh di beli! :)

I will be posting some Raya pictures next week. Do check it out!

Last but not least, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin dari Dynas dan Keluarga.

To those travelling this raya to their kampung halaman, have a pleasant Journey and a safe one!


Friday, September 12, 2008

Not that naughty... :)

Ok, for the kids that watched Trek Selebrity on Astro Ria yesterday, please please do not follow me on the "ponteng class pegi Assunta Hospital" bit ok? I can count how many times we did it, but yes, though the teacher didnt catch me doing it, my parents "was not happy" happy they saw me announce it on tv yesterday. huhuhuhuhu

so SORRY!!! please dont ponteng class, tak baik! :)

take care everyone!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Unanswered comments


I know I have not been answering the comments sent in previously, but only because my sister and I both are taking turns to update the blog, and I am using her account for this blog, so I don't want people to be confused as to who was leaving answers to the comments...:)

anyway, Lil Miss sunshine said....

hi there, i know its tad to late but just wanted to check if the "Ghost Whisperer" type of tops is still available :)?

Answer: YES!!! i still have green and yellow available. Please do come and see me at the Ramadhan Bazaar at Cineleisure if you're free. I have that in stock and much much more! :) See you soon...

the Mrs Bride said about the blog "about a boy"...

that is sooo sweet of u all! i love bday surprises party! :D

Answer: Thank you. Yes, I try to be nice to him now, as I used to bully him like mad when he was younger, until he grew as tall as me, and started standing up to himself. So I have to be the nicer sister lah (but ofcourse my eldest sister being the shortest in the family are bullied by both of my brother and I...hahahaha

anjali said:

Hey babe, when I see something that suits me, I will buy la or when I am as seksa as you. Congrats on the blog though! :-)

Answer: Hi dear...yes, come come! you are seksa what! :)

saleisha said:

halo..kakak,how to buy those roman,japanese & graphic tee..

Answer: Hi, ok, the graphic tshirt dah habis, but I have new nice ones. Come and see me lah at the ramadhan bazaar at Cineleisure mall. Make sure you tell me who you are! *wink*

The mrs Bride said:

Awwww.. So sweet! Dynas, I'm linking your blog to mine.. Hope it's okay with you! :)

p.s. I'm a friend of Izaisha, btw.. She's your cousin I suppose? Sorry kalau salah.. :)

Answer: Thanks. *smiles* Yeah, of course its okay to link my blog to yours! Shasha is fine. Crazy as usual. :)

dialicious said:

Dynaz..actually i wanted to comment on the earlier post but couldnt find the comment link.hehe.Congrats on the upcoming biznes w Awal..hope it will be a big success n most importantly dun give up ok!!

Answer: thank you! yes, Awal and I are having a great time with this business. We're both crazy about fashion. :) and yes, insyallah we wont give up!

Lil Miss sunshine said:

hi dynas,actually i am one of your silent reader and an ardent fan of ezora hehe.. i know this is tad too late since your entry was in june but was checking if the "Ghost Whisperer" type of tops are still available?

is this for sale actually?

thanks :)

Answer: Hi, thank you! I hope you liked the ending of Ezora...hehehehe... Anyway, I believe I have answered your question on the Ghost Whisperer top. Please, drop by at the ramadhan bazaar yea, as you enter Cineleisure, turn left, past the escallator, we are behind the escallator. See you soon!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bazaar at Cineleisure

So its been 4 days now since we launched the booth at Cineleisure for the whole Ramadhan Month. Business has been good, alhamdullillah. More importantly, Awal and I are having a blast with the customers. Even our temporary sales girl are happy to help out.

I have a few Baju kurung Schiffon Silk on sale. They are quite beautiful, I think, my sister would probably end up buying one as she was really eyeing it yesterday at the Bazaar. :)

Here's a few photos of the bazaar. (Awal cleaning the dress, Julia Z came to purchase items- Thanks for the support babes!, My 2 temp salesgirls looking happy to work, my sister dropping by, brother in law making my sister choose a few items, Mom, Julia Z and I looking at Awal doing work)

We also had buka puasa at Thai Express yesterday.

Watch Jimmy interviewing my family and I on "Trek Selebriti" Next Thursday, 5 pm or repeat at 9 pm on channel 104 Astro Ria. :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Easy PhaMax Spokesperson

I'm so honored to be chosen as the Easy Pha-Max spokesperson. And this may sound like a cliche', but "I do believe" :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

DnA Celebrity Style

Awal and I are busy with our new venture..We are opening a shop in Hartamas, and right now, everything is falling into place. Slowly, but surely... We have the shop, we have a concept.

Sorry if I have been quiet the past few weeks, but like I mentioned, I have been busy getting the stuffs together for our newly registered shop called DnA (Dynas and Awal) Celebrity Style.

We will have up to date fashion and designs for both Men and Women!

Once I get more dates on the opening, the fashion show, when the sale starts etc, I will be sure to inform all of you!

Till then, take care everyone! And wish me luck! ;)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Found Friend...

I love babies...I cant wait to have one my own. My brother in law's friend from U.S is here and I got to meet them and their lovely Baby. He's gorgeous. He's so adorable. He's very responsive. He knows how to say "Hi" at 7 months! He can already walk at 7 months, he hugs you when he thinks you're sad (or when HE's happy). He gave my sister a "full on saliva kiss" on the cheeks, and his mom says that it's an honor for anyone to receive such kiss from him as he has only done that to his mommy and daddy.... (yes, my sister felt so honoured)

Friday, July 18, 2008

About a Boy...

Remember I said I will post about my brother one day? Since I didn't have that many foto's of him, I had to look into his gf's FB to get a few fotos of us.

*here's bro and I acting crazy in a pool filled with balloons. I can't remember whose idea it was....*

We had a surprise bday party for him a few months back. We planned for his gf to take him out and bring him home after 8pm. All his friend and my relatives were to gather at my parents place for before 8. We all made it on time. We got his favorite cake (my choice), and drinks (mum's choice) and his gf did all the invites to his friends.
Bless her...

My sister and hubby only just made it before my brother got home, I knew she was going to be late, since it was a working day, traffic's bad lah di dah.

Anyways, my brother got a shock of his life (or at least he pretended to be shocked). Quite a good actor, he was, (if he pretended). He should try and cast for the drama's. hehehe

*here's us 3 siblings with our other half's*

He had fun, we had karaoke, bbq, loads of food. His friends were there. Our family was all there.. All in all, he had a blast, and I think we all did!

Happy bday (again) Bro!!! We love you!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Life after marriage

I've only been married for about 4 months now. So I cant really tell what have changed since. But, just for the sake of my fans and friends, this post is to share with you guys about my recent changes.

Meet Fizzi. He's my soul mate, my best friend, my husband, my idol. Yes, he can be annoying at times, but which men isn't? (only kidding honey)... :)

How we met? Hmm, I was actually hosting and was interviewing him and he ended up interviewing ME! :) hahahaha I was quite shocked when he actually asked me out. It was instant love at first sight. He made me laugh all through the interview and the date!

He is such a wonderful person. When I met his friends, i knew we will get on right away. I think I fitted in quite well. When he met my family, I knew he was the one.(!). Ironically, when I introduced him to my sister, he knew some of my sister's friends, and they said real good things about him. I was glad I "found" him.

I will cherish the moments of the interview I had with him forever...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Safi Anggun Jelita

I recently hosted for Safi Anggun Jelita for a road tour which was held in Bangi.

I must add we had alot of really groovy participants. Everyone was keen to answer the questions asked to them. They were given hampers of Safi Products for correct answers.

Thie little girl won a hamper for knowing anything and everything about me. She's my true fan! She knew the drama's, movies and everything else you can think off, about me... She really got me AND the audience going! Such a sweet little thing...

The event ended after a few hours. Everyone was happy to be there. I was estatic, I had good crowd, sweet people, good food, everyone working for the event was very helpful. And they made the event flow like soft tides...No, it wasn't a tsunami effect for me... *Phew*

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Raya 2007

My raya last year was quite a blast actually. I introduced Fizzi to my grandma and other relatives. Also, we had a lemang cooking session at my parents. Its not the first time Ive tried cooking lemang. But it certainly is the first time that I see Fizi doing the "bakar lemang" session with my dad, brother and brother in law!
It was drizzling abit, so we were worried that the lemangs wouldn't be cooked. But luckily, the lemang and rendangs turned out fine.

Here's my sister and I at the "lemang station". The boys were taking care of the Lemang. Girls (I meant Mum) were putting the beras into the buluh, and also to stir the rendang.

I would put up some of the fotos of them bakar lemang, unfortunately, I need to find those first...heh

This was the next morning...

And we then headed out to tapah for a day...

Im not sure if these two were stressed out or what, but they looked like they did enjoy their Dunhill's there!

Sorry I have mostly fotos of my sister. Not that i dont love or hang out with my brother and parents. We do...Just that we don't take that many fotos together. My sister and I are considered somewhat camera whores...What can I say?!

Drama Series Ezora_with everyone involved

We had what footballers would call a "kick off" recently for the Drama Series "Ezora". As you can see, most of us was wearing purple. There's a reason to that, but Id have to reconfirm if I can share with everyone on the "why?".
Till the next post... ;)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Drama Series Ezora

This beutiful dress was created by Saiful Baharim. I wore it for one of the shoots for my latest drama series, Ezora, which is being aired every Monday to Thursday from 6.30-7.30pm on TV3.

I absolutely love this dress, I didnt feel like getting out of it at all when I was strutting around in it...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

"Behind the scenes" of the 'Protocol Dinner'

We had an "after wedding dinner" for the family and dad's VVIP's about a few weeks after my wedding...Here's a few fotos of us. (You can see the real side of me, one which only my family can describe how I'm really like). *WINK*

Obviously, we're all "nuts" in some way or other...As you can see below, here's my hubby with my brother in law and my brother. After a 2 hour dinner full of protocol, they turned into somewhat camera whores...(which is veeeeeery hard to capture especially for all the men in my family)

Where as, this "scene" can be seen at most of our family do's. My sister and I are Queen of "Cam Whoring" :)

As you can see, we had the photographer all to ourselves...

Sorry about the unclear-ness of the fotos, but my sister had this bright idea of taking foto of the photos. (Due to the "original" cd's was not distributed to us)