Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More on work...

Ive recently been given the opportunity to become the Ambassador of Sasa Fragrance awards 2008..Here's a few foto's...

* me with my favourite perfume, one I got for my Wedding Hantaran*

With WAN during the launch

Here's Azizah Ariffin, one of the judges for the perfume awards 2008

Being interviewed by Xandria

Photo session with gorgeous Amber Chia..she's lovely!


NieS_Saa said...

dynas, anda mmg cool n sgt chantek..
ske tgk dynas blakon..
xksh la watak jahat or baek..
still like it..

Siti Nur Khaleda said...

btl ckp nies_saa.Kak Dynas brlakon wtk jht/baik mmg cool aje

Siti Nur Khaleda said...

kite ske Kak Dynas brlakon cite Di Bawah Ketiak Isteri.eps last masa nk raya tu