Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More on work...

Ive recently been given the opportunity to become the Ambassador of Sasa Fragrance awards 2008..Here's a few foto's...

* me with my favourite perfume, one I got for my Wedding Hantaran*

With WAN during the launch

Here's Azizah Ariffin, one of the judges for the perfume awards 2008

Being interviewed by Xandria

Photo session with gorgeous Amber Chia..she's lovely!


Nicha Amu said...

dynas, anda mmg cool n sgt chantek..
ske tgk dynas blakon..
xksh la watak jahat or baek..
still like it..

Siti Nur Khaleda Muhammad said...

btl ckp nies_saa.Kak Dynas brlakon wtk jht/baik mmg cool aje

Siti Nur Khaleda Muhammad said...

kite ske Kak Dynas brlakon cite Di Bawah Ketiak Isteri.eps last masa nk raya tu