Saturday, March 20, 2010

Doa selamat

We had kenduri Doa selamat for my upcoming delivery and a tahlil for Arwah Emma yesterday at my mummy's and daddy's house in shah alam. Alhamdullillah, the event was smooth, the food was very good, thanks to my mum's catering contact.

Here's a few shots with my best friends, sister, favourite aunts and cousins..

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Baby Shower

I would like to thank Intan, Liyana, Michelle, Adrina and my sister for such a wonderful baby shower which they planned for me last Saturday. It was held at Modestos, who charged us RM500 from 3 to 6pm, provided us with free flow of coke and sprite and a few pieces of cakes. Luckily Intan sponsored pastries and Kak Pah brought cake so the guests didn't go home hungry.

We played 4 games (actually 5 including one which everyone thought was so silly that we were simply giving out the prizes). The 4 games were Nursery Rhymes (which I need to really hafal after this), Guess my statistics, memory game and old style nappy (kak pah was using her baby to lipat the lampin! and Angie was using Mira's doll which I thought was real smart!).

Thank you for the presents, I had a great time opening them! Before I forget, thanks to my organizers for the pastries, some of the door gifts (my Sister in law gave handmade notepad, motherinlaw gave the choc wrap, best friend gave the cute brown cookies, and sister made the candles and got the cool crayon pens), the cake (which was not only beautiful, but really sedap too!)- those who wanted the contact number, you can call my sister, it was her friend that made the cake..

Thanks for coming. Thank you Sazzy, Yasmin Hani, Julia Z I know you all are busy, but made time to come for this do....

Love you all!

Ooooh I have to add, some of the lucky winners got gifts from DnA! :) Enjoy your gifts peeps...

oh, and thank you Mira (Intan's daughter) and Lil Myiesha (my sister's daughter) for the barang barang for the decorations.

Ala, mostly thank you very very much for doing the baby shower for me. (Intan, Adrina, Michelle -even though you had to leave early *sobsob*, My BFF liyana and my beloved sister Evelyne)


Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I was born on this date 27 years ago. (nice number huh? 8.3.83)

On this date this year, my hubby planned a surprise party, as I have never gotten a surprise party. I mentioned this a few months ago to him, and he never showed any notice, so i NEVER thought he would have pulled this off. I was genuinely shocked....

Seeing my family and friends in the restaurant made me teary. But seeing my husband's face with that "i told u so" look, made it even more special!

Thank you all for attending. My family. My friends from school. My celepets.
....My husbands friends wive and gf's...It was a very special nite for me.

Thank you hubby for the party and for the red handbag.

Thank u very very much Nurul, Najmi for the lovely chanel cake..

Thank you daddy and mummy for the black handbag.

Thank you sister, brother in law, niece and brother for the wallet/card holder. Now I can collect more store card, since it can hold up to 50 cards! wooh!

Hairbands.... they're hot!!

We sell these now at DnA Celebrity Style..

The satin ones (we have all colors, you name it, we've got it!) are RM25 each

The ones with white lining are RM29 each

Any of you interested, please call DnA to give your orders in. They are handmade, I have some ready stock, but if there's a specific color that you want, do send in your request at DnA!! Place your orders quick!!
Those who knows my sister, you can also place orders through her, she can inform me personally. (she bought 2 herself! Black with lining and a pink satin one...)