Thursday, July 10, 2008

Raya 2007

My raya last year was quite a blast actually. I introduced Fizzi to my grandma and other relatives. Also, we had a lemang cooking session at my parents. Its not the first time Ive tried cooking lemang. But it certainly is the first time that I see Fizi doing the "bakar lemang" session with my dad, brother and brother in law!
It was drizzling abit, so we were worried that the lemangs wouldn't be cooked. But luckily, the lemang and rendangs turned out fine.

Here's my sister and I at the "lemang station". The boys were taking care of the Lemang. Girls (I meant Mum) were putting the beras into the buluh, and also to stir the rendang.

I would put up some of the fotos of them bakar lemang, unfortunately, I need to find those first...heh

This was the next morning...

And we then headed out to tapah for a day...

Im not sure if these two were stressed out or what, but they looked like they did enjoy their Dunhill's there!

Sorry I have mostly fotos of my sister. Not that i dont love or hang out with my brother and parents. We do...Just that we don't take that many fotos together. My sister and I are considered somewhat camera whores...What can I say?!

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