Friday, July 18, 2008

About a Boy...

Remember I said I will post about my brother one day? Since I didn't have that many foto's of him, I had to look into his gf's FB to get a few fotos of us.

*here's bro and I acting crazy in a pool filled with balloons. I can't remember whose idea it was....*

We had a surprise bday party for him a few months back. We planned for his gf to take him out and bring him home after 8pm. All his friend and my relatives were to gather at my parents place for before 8. We all made it on time. We got his favorite cake (my choice), and drinks (mum's choice) and his gf did all the invites to his friends.
Bless her...

My sister and hubby only just made it before my brother got home, I knew she was going to be late, since it was a working day, traffic's bad lah di dah.

Anyways, my brother got a shock of his life (or at least he pretended to be shocked). Quite a good actor, he was, (if he pretended). He should try and cast for the drama's. hehehe

*here's us 3 siblings with our other half's*

He had fun, we had karaoke, bbq, loads of food. His friends were there. Our family was all there.. All in all, he had a blast, and I think we all did!

Happy bday (again) Bro!!! We love you!


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Anita, Mummy Adzryl said...

that is sooo sweet of u all! i love bday surprises party! :D