Friday, July 11, 2008

Safi Anggun Jelita

I recently hosted for Safi Anggun Jelita for a road tour which was held in Bangi.

I must add we had alot of really groovy participants. Everyone was keen to answer the questions asked to them. They were given hampers of Safi Products for correct answers.

Thie little girl won a hamper for knowing anything and everything about me. She's my true fan! She knew the drama's, movies and everything else you can think off, about me... She really got me AND the audience going! Such a sweet little thing...

The event ended after a few hours. Everyone was happy to be there. I was estatic, I had good crowd, sweet people, good food, everyone working for the event was very helpful. And they made the event flow like soft tides...No, it wasn't a tsunami effect for me... *Phew*

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dialicious said...

Dynaz..actually i wanted to comment on the earlier post but couldnt find the comment link.hehe.Congrats on the upcoming biznes w Awal..hope it will be a big success n most importantly dun give up ok!!