Thursday, June 5, 2008

"Behind the scenes" of the 'Protocol Dinner'

We had an "after wedding dinner" for the family and dad's VVIP's about a few weeks after my wedding...Here's a few fotos of us. (You can see the real side of me, one which only my family can describe how I'm really like). *WINK*

Obviously, we're all "nuts" in some way or other...As you can see below, here's my hubby with my brother in law and my brother. After a 2 hour dinner full of protocol, they turned into somewhat camera whores...(which is veeeeeery hard to capture especially for all the men in my family)

Where as, this "scene" can be seen at most of our family do's. My sister and I are Queen of "Cam Whoring" :)

As you can see, we had the photographer all to ourselves...

Sorry about the unclear-ness of the fotos, but my sister had this bright idea of taking foto of the photos. (Due to the "original" cd's was not distributed to us)

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kuizikel said...

u look luvly n ayu la.. hihi