Thursday, September 4, 2008

Unanswered comments


I know I have not been answering the comments sent in previously, but only because my sister and I both are taking turns to update the blog, and I am using her account for this blog, so I don't want people to be confused as to who was leaving answers to the comments...:)

anyway, Lil Miss sunshine said....

hi there, i know its tad to late but just wanted to check if the "Ghost Whisperer" type of tops is still available :)?

Answer: YES!!! i still have green and yellow available. Please do come and see me at the Ramadhan Bazaar at Cineleisure if you're free. I have that in stock and much much more! :) See you soon...

the Mrs Bride said about the blog "about a boy"...

that is sooo sweet of u all! i love bday surprises party! :D

Answer: Thank you. Yes, I try to be nice to him now, as I used to bully him like mad when he was younger, until he grew as tall as me, and started standing up to himself. So I have to be the nicer sister lah (but ofcourse my eldest sister being the shortest in the family are bullied by both of my brother and I...hahahaha

anjali said:

Hey babe, when I see something that suits me, I will buy la or when I am as seksa as you. Congrats on the blog though! :-)

Answer: Hi dear...yes, come come! you are seksa what! :)

saleisha said:

halo..kakak,how to buy those roman,japanese & graphic tee..

Answer: Hi, ok, the graphic tshirt dah habis, but I have new nice ones. Come and see me lah at the ramadhan bazaar at Cineleisure mall. Make sure you tell me who you are! *wink*

The mrs Bride said:

Awwww.. So sweet! Dynas, I'm linking your blog to mine.. Hope it's okay with you! :)

p.s. I'm a friend of Izaisha, btw.. She's your cousin I suppose? Sorry kalau salah.. :)

Answer: Thanks. *smiles* Yeah, of course its okay to link my blog to yours! Shasha is fine. Crazy as usual. :)

dialicious said:

Dynaz..actually i wanted to comment on the earlier post but couldnt find the comment link.hehe.Congrats on the upcoming biznes w Awal..hope it will be a big success n most importantly dun give up ok!!

Answer: thank you! yes, Awal and I are having a great time with this business. We're both crazy about fashion. :) and yes, insyallah we wont give up!

Lil Miss sunshine said:

hi dynas,actually i am one of your silent reader and an ardent fan of ezora hehe.. i know this is tad too late since your entry was in june but was checking if the "Ghost Whisperer" type of tops are still available?

is this for sale actually?

thanks :)

Answer: Hi, thank you! I hope you liked the ending of Ezora...hehehehe... Anyway, I believe I have answered your question on the Ghost Whisperer top. Please, drop by at the ramadhan bazaar yea, as you enter Cineleisure, turn left, past the escallator, we are behind the escallator. See you soon!