Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bazaar at Cineleisure

So its been 4 days now since we launched the booth at Cineleisure for the whole Ramadhan Month. Business has been good, alhamdullillah. More importantly, Awal and I are having a blast with the customers. Even our temporary sales girl are happy to help out.

I have a few Baju kurung Schiffon Silk on sale. They are quite beautiful, I think, my sister would probably end up buying one as she was really eyeing it yesterday at the Bazaar. :)

Here's a few photos of the bazaar. (Awal cleaning the dress, Julia Z came to purchase items- Thanks for the support babes!, My 2 temp salesgirls looking happy to work, my sister dropping by, brother in law making my sister choose a few items, Mom, Julia Z and I looking at Awal doing work)

We also had buka puasa at Thai Express yesterday.

Watch Jimmy interviewing my family and I on "Trek Selebriti" Next Thursday, 5 pm or repeat at 9 pm on channel 104 Astro Ria. :)