Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bday...the after pictures..

Hi semua... This one really sweet la... She came to my shop. Handed me this HUGE present. Bought a top and then left.. I tak sempat pon nak cakap cakap banyak dengan dia sebab dia laju sangat! heheheh Thank you dear.. *You know who u are!* MUAH xox
I did an event for my friend KiKi (im sure most of u kenal her, the super hot mama Nurul Alis KiKi) and her husband brings in really nice watches (Ingressol). So this is like my prezzie from them... hehehehe
Thank you Awal and Scha for Gucci-fying me! Sayang u both!
Thanks dear sister for the surprise! I love u! xx
And yes, I didnt forget...thank u my beloved husband and Khyra..hehehehe Hugs and love, Dynas xx

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