Sunday, February 19, 2012

How was your weekend?

I had a wonderful family time on Saturday and a great working day yesterday. So one update at a time... Saturday: Baju raya dah siap! Sape interested nak beli, please leave me a message on my FB account ya... The jubahs are VERY nice... I promise... hehehehe Here's a few fotos my sister and I took for fun...
The plain one is knitted material, RM250 The one with the patterns are jersey stretchable material, RM280 We have plenty of colors. Sunday: Since I had to work, I dropped Khyra off at my parents so that she can spend more time with her grandparents. My parents took her to meet up with my sister and her baby and my sister gave me this photo of them doing their plaster fun painting. Khyra really likes this painting stuff.. :) And Im glad she and lil M likes the same activities too!
Have a fun WEEK semua! Love, Dynas

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