Sunday, February 12, 2012

When I grow up...

Recently during one of my lunch sessions with my sister, we were talking about me when I was younger. She being 5.5 yrs older than me, remembers EVERYTHING about me when I was little..
She was telling me I wanted to be a dentist, a make up artist, a hair stylist, a business women (which she then reminded me that I was quite berjaya selling things in primary school- will write more about this).. and then, one that shocked me most was, i wanted to be a baby designer.
Yes, apparently, I told her that when a baby is delivered in the hospitals, I will be there to sambut the baby and then make the baby nice and clean and put nice clothes on..Pink for girls, blue for boys, ribbons for babies with hair and hairbands for those without.
I guess it was another way for me to say I wanted to be a mid wife kot? But the special ones that dresses up the baby afterwards. hahahaha

Anyway, I guess right now with what I am doing, it has some kind of connection to what I wanted to grow up being. Clothing (for baby and mommies) is the essence and business is the ingredient.

Speaking about business, what my sister mentioned (since I cant remember much since I banyak berangan last time) was that in primary school, I used to buy pens, notebooks and eraser from the kedai korperasi, add designs, glitters, sticker etc and then sell it at a profit. And apparently, I had a lot of buyers (some were my sisters friends who bought them for gifts). I also used to make batu seremban from pasir and kain (my sister helped to jahit) and from biji saga and plastic & cellophane tape. I also charged those for "fixing" or repairing the batu seremban yang dah rosak.
0h my god, how can I not remember that?! hahahaha

I hope these two will stay as close as my sister and I are.. :)


Unknown said...

wahh...dynas kecik2 lagi dah kreatif

DebtSurvivor said...

Berangan je kot...HAHAHAHA

Mr.J said...

ha kak dynas.. salam rindu dari Borneo!

DebtSurvivor said...

Hi Mr J... Thank you.. Salam dari Borneo sudah sampai..:)