Tuesday, February 14, 2012

NTV7 interview

Hello semua....

Dynas baru habis interview with NTV7 pasal pregnancy.

They asked me what was my feelings about normal birth. And whether I prefer Normal or choose Ceaser. I told them, I prefer normal birth la kalau boleh.
Even when during my first pregnancy with aruah Emma, the Doctor told me that I should just go through Cesarean, it would be quicker and easier for me. But I tolak, and told her, its ok, I am ready. I will go through normal delivery.

Memang many people have asked me why. To be honest, apart from the positive influence from my mother (who delivered all 3 of us via normal birth) and my sister (also normal birth), I banyak baca buku and internet on the difference between ceaser and normal. And for me, I find that the information I dapat it shows that normal birth has a lot of benefits after the delivery. Alhamdulillah, with the right pantang and thanks to Tanamera products (before and after birth), cepat for me to be back on my feet and senang nak jaga pantang.

One of the Tanamera products I am using is the Coconut Oil. When I was pregnant with Khyra, I used this to help ease the delivery process by helping with the dilation. Kalau orang Melayu, the statement we use is "supaya senang bukak"

I know I will not be able to comment about Ceasarian (sebab I tak penah go through it), tapi for both deliveries, masa dalam pantang, I rasa comparing to if I have to go through ceasarian, lambat for me to sembuh, because cannot urut, makan pantang dia lain and I guess Im just still very traditional in that sense). I was also told that normally, you would only opt for a C-section if:
-You've had a previous more than one previous c-section as this significantly increase the risk that your uterus will rupture during a vaginal delivery.
-You've had some other kind of invasive uterine surgery, such as a myomectomy (the surgical removal of fibroids).
-Your baby is expected to be very large
-Your baby is in a breech (bottom first) or transverse (sideways) position.
-You have placenta previa (when the placenta is so low in the uterus that it covers the cervix).
-You have an obstruction, such as a large fibroid, that would make a vaginal delivery difficult or impossible.

So I doa kepada Allah s.w.t that I can again go through normal delivery. Of course semua dah ditulis, so kalau I have to go through Ceaser, then kena lah kan.

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