Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Doctors appointment

Salam semua,

Today Dynas ade doctors appointment to check my baby's growth etc. Setiap kali ade check up, Dynas takut and hati berdebar debar. Sebab takut history dulu dengan aruah Emma. Please doa-kan that everything is ok. Amin...

Next update for today is that I will be having a meeting for a new business deal later today. Very excited, but details nanti Dynas akan share insyallah.
Doa-kan semua berjalan lancar for today ye?

Love you all!!

-till the next update-
Dynas xxx


AiniHalim said...

i wish dynas and the baby are in a good shape..InsyaAllah..

have a wonderful day..

Chiem said...

I wish you and the baby are in good health. do we have a name yet???

DebtSurvivor said...

Thank you Bright Eye and Cheim. Alhamdulillah...

And no, we do not have a name yet.. :)