Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lady GaGa Malaysia :)

Do you dare? Before MTV, before Astro, before AirAsia (everyone can fly), I don't think we would dare. I think maybe because we were "not exposed" to great fashion. Our mother's fashion guru's were Characters of Dallas, Dynasty ad Knotts Landing.
For us now, we have MTV, we have Hello Magazines, we even have Magazines from Australia, UK and US which we can purchase at the corner Shops! yes, the kedai runcit near my sister's house sells almost any updated magazines you want.
So not surprising lah if our generation now are more "daring" in dressing up. Ive noticed this "change" while growing up. I see how my sister changed from a very boring dresser to hip and cool. Of course, for me, I'm always the latter...heheheehe (luckily my fashion sense is much better then my sister's so I didn't fall into the "boring" category). Ok, maybe because I was more "adventurous" in dressing up.

Anyway, the picture above is my very own Lady GaGa, right here in Malaysia. One of her new years resolution is to dress up nicely and more funky and not just stick to suits and corporate shirts to the office.
Anyway, the dress is from DnA Celebrity style (Price is about RM100). The tights was "model's own"- which was purchased by the mom in Istanbul. But you can get it in Dorothy Perkins- a few different colors (Price is RM49) Or you can get similar ones at DnA (price between RM29 to RM69).
Shoes Hush Puppies.
If model was more daring, she can wear 3 inch red high heels to really be lady gaga. Match it with a red handbag.


Gallivanter said...

Don't forget a bird's nest on the head for good measure! :-P


king far_east said...

waaa, betul la macam Lady Gaga Malaysia, hee saje singgah blog Dynaz,