Sunday, April 11, 2010

Short hair

HEHEHEHE GOTCHA! I wanted to get your attention.... And I was hoping with my "new haircut" I did....

Hello all...

Anyone interested in buying DnA Concept store in Hartamas from me? Inclusive of all the decorations and the clothes which are currently selling in the store, it is RM35,000.00. If anyone is interested, kindly leave your comment or you can send me an email or contact me at the DnA contact details as per in my blog.


By the way, No lah...I didnt potong my rambut. This was for a fotoshoot... So, should I potong my rambut? What do you guys say? :)

For RM35,000.00? You want to potong my rambut at DnA store the one Im selling in Hartamas?? And buy my concept store while you're at it?hmmm, thats something we can discuss on....hhehehehe


Wanie said...

Hi there Dinaz! Whoa!! Nice hair do~ Refreshing look but I still prefer your original hair style, hehe~

All the best in your career!!xoxO

Miss Mengade said...

dynaz, rm35k? why r u selling it?