Monday, May 3, 2010

My new shop- DnA Fashion Cafe

Sorry, Im sure you guys are wondering why no post on Khyra Khalyssa yet.... Well, both mommy and baby are settling in well with the new environment. Lets not spoil it with pictures yet right?
Instead, Ive asked my dear sister to take a few pictures of my new shop in Empire Gallery.

My partner, Adrina with my sister

Our items ranges from RM58 to RM1K. They are designed inhouse, by Adrina, myself, our moms and our own designer. We design clothes, handbags, shoes and accessories.

Our first official staff :) Glad she's a happy one!

Our dessert bar


rasnadiya said...

cantik deco butik DnA niey

Mazmikh said...

Seronok nak shopping di DnA.. harga memang berpatutan :) All the best Dynas and Adrina!!

ftrhd said...

tadi tengok 'DKI2'..hehe tiba2 teringat akak..dan teringin nak tengok your baby :)

tahniah sebab dapat baby dan kedai baru hehe

- -

nani miyuki said...

i,ve been there yesterday...looiiike!!!!

lily lotus said...

nice :)...will drop by one day