Monday, May 2, 2011

Health Message

My dad was admitted over the weekend. Tapi Alhamdullillah, it was nothing serious like a heart attack or anything like that.
It is serious, but it could be worse. Lesson learned is:


More and more young people are diagnosed as diabetic now a days. My dad is not young, but he shouldnt be "diabetic" either because he doesnt take sugar in tea or coffee. BUT, the food that he eats probably contains a lot of sugar.

From now on, no coke, teh tarik manis, milo ais manis or nescafe ais manis for me... (even Kurang Manis contains a lot of sugar). So best stick to AIR MASAK! :)

Have a good week everyone!



AiniHalim said...

i totally agree.. Hope your father will be in a good shape again..

Reen Tart Nenas said...

tp teh tarik mamak tetap sedap :) hehehe

Shop-Pink with Me said...


kurang manis dalam minuman
tambahkan manis dalam senyuman

masa saya mengandung saya kena kencing manis. dan skrg sy pun kawal gula. takut kan...

take care

Budak Apple Hijau said...

Good Luck! I Love u Dynas My Sis..hehe