Tuesday, February 22, 2011

DnA.com.my new website

Hi Guys,

I have a new page in my dna.com.my website because I have been receiving some emails from regulars to ask some ideas on how to make DnA products to look "different" each time they pakai.

Siti (I wont reveal the full name) asked me to kasi tips on macam mana nak buat DnA dresses yang dia beli to look "different" so that she can wear it once a week and tak nampak macam sama.

Terima Kasih Siti! Your suggestion was very good!!!

Also I wont miss out: Terima Kasih Nina, "Rissey", Darren, Audrey, Salmiah and Jenny.

I have worked out a "plan" with my sister, and we have taken up that challenge to make our products have different looks just with the one item. :)

Check out our website: www.dna.com.my

Keep your orders coming and THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kuching, Sarawak...

Hi everyone...

Question: Have anyone ever gone through a situation where they dont have enough money nearing end of the month?
Soalan: Pernah tak you all tak cukup duit nak makan terutama akhir bulan sebelum gaji atau allowence dari ibu bapa?

Question: Do you have more than 1 credit card and you are paying minimum payment only for your credit card because you dont have enough to pay full amount?
Soalan: Ada tak yang pegang lebih dari 3 kard kredit and tak sempat nak bayar semua setiap bulan so cuma bayar minimum saje?

Question: Have you all taken personal loan to pay your credit card? Or to go shopping and then realise you cannot pay the monthly payments?
Soalan: Ade tak yang apply loan persendirian dari bank untuk membayar kard kredit atau untuk pergi shopping, lepas tu tak boleh bayar balik loan persendirian tu?

Question: Do you want to buy a house but you dont know if you can afford it?
Soalan: Nak beli rumah tapi tak tahu kalau wang gaji yang diterima cukup tak?

Basically, AKPK (Agency Kaunseling dan Pengurusan Kredit) AKPK is an agency set up by Bank Negara Malaysia to provide:-

counselling and advice on financial management,debt management program and financial education.

So, I will be in a road show with them in Kuching on 15th and 16th March. It is FREE. (If you are coming from outside of Kuching, ofcourse you have to pay for your transport and hotel etc etc). The event is free....

Register, click here

Tunggu ape lagi guys? Sesiapa dari Kuching or di Kuching pada 2 hari tersebut, come lah join.... Those who missed the event (With Sazzy) in KL baru baru ni, come lah join me and AKPK in Kuching! :)
It is a good platform to tell us about mengawal perbelanjaan. Just register at "Register, Click here" and then I will SEE YOU IN KUCHING!

Oh, for any of you who wants to order DnA stuffs and want to pick it up from me when Im in Kuching, please feel free to order and purchase at www.dna.com.my before 14th Feb! I will bring it with me over to Kuching!

Love you all!

See you in Kuching!!! Quick, register now...Seats are limited!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Im back

Yaaay...Alhamdullillah Dynas and family are all safe back di tanah air. We had a great time. Bali is a terrific place. My daughter is only turning 1 in April but we can see she loves Bali....
*Mesti ikut mummy and daddy dia la- suka beach holiday! :)

Anyway, I cannot wait to meet you all for my next fan-meet function. Do follow my fan club blog for updates!