Thursday, September 20, 2012

CellLabs Qutie Coat Event

Hello Semua... CellLabs-->Qutie Coat will be having an event at 1 Utama Shopping center at 3pm, LG High Street on 14th OCTOBER!!! :) I will be there to support them! Do come and join the partay! What is Qutie Coat? Qutie Coat is a miracle Mask which works in 40 seconds. It removes DARK CIRCLES (which sekarang I am trying to get rid off :)) and Fine lines (sebab umur lepas 21 memang ade lines) hahahahaha
It is also a whitening mask, and it is Safe for sensitive skin. I am definitely going to use it! :) Marilah datang beramai ramai, kita boleh bergambar sama sama... then I will post on my Blog ok? :) Jumpe semua di One Utama 14th Oct at 3 pm OK???! Love, Dynas

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