Monday, December 27, 2010


Hi semua...

I would like to thank those who made it for the Peter Pan Musical for Charity with me last week. Out of the lucky ones, there was only 7 people who turned up... Again, Dynas berterima kasih pada semua 7 yang hadir.
But I have to say how dissapointed I was with the rest that did not turn up. Not only they have wasted Intan, Nana and my sister's time for compiling, replying emails and gathering all information needed from them, they have also taken the opportunity to not let the rest yang betul betul berminat to join to miss out on this opportunity.
Therefore, Dynas harap, the next time there is an event such as like these, I would like to give the others yang nak hadir for the Peter Pan tapi tak dapat tempat a chance for them to join me. And for those who did commit themselves for the Peter Pan but did not turn up, unfortunately, we have your names, therefore, priority will not be given to you next time.
Yes, I am disappointed.
But, I was VERY HAPPY on that day to get to meet the ones who came, and the musical was very nice... Thank you once again to those who manage to come and watch it with me... Love you all!

We will be having a tea party insyallah early 2011. And your names are already automatically in my list. MWUUUAAAH



Unknown said...

Well, I ade reply 1st email... but, i tak terpilih pon... nape yer?

AiniHalim said...

Looking forward to meet you again..

azimask said...

hohohohoh 7 people jee.. alahai... lau mie dapat arituh kan best.. huhuhuh

apa pun see you in next gath..
i hope.. :D

Aisyalicious said...

Hey Hey Sis!

Enjoy on our event hari tuh.

Dont worry, we would do something best and different next gathering ok!

Muah Muah

lily lotus said...

bestnya :) how i wish i cud be the one yang selected..take care!