Sunday, December 19, 2010

Family Ties...

I had such a good time with my family yesterday at one of my cousin's wedding. Yes, I penat giler semalam because I baru balik from Indonesia on Sat Night, flight sampai malam, and I missed my little Khyra so much (and of course her daddy too) :)
Anyway, congratulations Wan Shafinas Wan Kamil and husband.
Why was it so fun for me? Well, for one, all my cousins (sebelah father) all came from Kedah. I have not seen my aunts and uncles in the longest time. So it was good to see them! And my cousins have all grown up to be such beautiful and successful hot chics and SUCH TALL guys we have in the family. hahahahaha
My sister was as usual, being so helpful, datang terlebih awal nak tolong la konon. hahahahaha but ok lah, at least she wakil kan our family to help. Since I couldnt help. But thanks to my brother Edrin as well who not only went to help the night before, the nights and nights before too. :) (Inas (wan shafinas) was his school mate as well, so he HAS to help lebih lebih lah kan) hahahahah
Anyway, our host was our one and only Mr Nash! He made our day by singing a few of our favourite songs. He made my cousins sang with him as well, which made me realise, the Wan Mat Saman generations can also sing quite well! not bad!
Here's a photo of us (them singing, me just menyibuk belakang Azureen (pengantin's sister))
From left to right: Wan Efy in brown, next to her is her sister Wan Emy also not in brown, behind her is Wan Fariz (pengantin's brother), the one Im hugging is Wan Azureen (pengantin's sister).

note: The names are not in full as it is too loooooooong to write their full name. Just like mine: Wan Intan Edrinas bt Wan Mokhtar...haaaahhh penat tangan nak type. hahahaha

more fotos on my facebook.

Take care and till next time. Love you all!


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The One and Only said...

suka tgk gambaq ni.....nampak semua happy je...